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Project: Fire propagation controler


Fire propagation controler

Author(s): Baban Liviu, Cabeca Joao, Filote Georgiana
Country(s): Romania/Portugal/Romania
Date: 11.07.2008
Activity: Robolution 2008


Hardware Design: Our robot consists of a basic Lego kit NXT to which we have attached a set of 3 motors, one ultrasonic sensor.

Software Design: There is a main loop on which the robot analises if there are obstacles and moves unlimitedly forward in case of free track.

In the case that an obstacle appears closer than 20 cm, firefighter robot stops and blows some wind, then it turns to avoid obstacle and it continues the path.

Another condition is that if robot moves and there is a forced rotation of the compressor, it will return sound and rotate with the motor

The code is formulated on Lego Mindstorms

Project Files

Fire prop program.jpg

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