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Project: Hovercraft


Design of the hover

Author(s): Maria Munoz, Damian Ryciak
Country(s): Spain/Poland
Date: 8.07.2010
Activity: R.U.R. - Summer School 2010


Our robot is design to use minimal amount of sensors and get a line following robot which stops when obstacle occure. It follows black line painted on the white board. It is not good when line is not continous, because robot will start to make unpredictible things. The vehicle stops, when it will approach to the obstacle for short distance (several centimeters). When obstacle is removed, vehicle continue following the line.

Hardware Design: Our vehicle is an Acrob robot. We attached to it 2 sensors. One of them is a distance detecting sensor placed in the front of the machine. The other one is placed on the bottom, and it is "looking" to he ground. Also, there is one speaker, which gives sound when executing of the program will begin.

Software Design: In the main loop, detected color is compared with some constant value. Depending on result, robot is going forward and turning to left/right at the same time. Before this is done, program is checking if there is any obstacle detected. If it is true, it stops, otherwise it going.


This pseudocode is describing idea of algorithm that we applied to the robot:

1. Detect an obstacle using distance sensor

2. If no obstacles has been detected, go to 3. Otherwise wait until it will be removed and continue to 1.

3. Detect color, using brightness sensor

4. If is over some threshold, go right-forward direction, if under, go left-forward direction.

5. Go to 1.

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