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Project: Lost&Found


The Lost&Found robot

Author(s): unknown
Country: unknown
Date: 11.07.2008
Activity: Robolution 2008
Location: Bratislava, SVK
Hardware used: Boe-Bot robot and IR sensors


I started with the boe-Bot Workshop, then attended Digital Signal Prossessing.

When I left my Boe-Bot was moving around with whiskers, when I came back it was gone. LOST!

So I looked around and FOUND an abandoned robot, IR Sensores attached, but none working.

So I fixed the harde ware applied some simple sample code. Now it runs around, avoiding obsticals. Looks like it is a little bit scared. I call him LOST&FOUND!

See the robot video (.avi, 20MB)

Project Files

Here is a source code:

' Robotics with the Boe-Bot - FastIrRoaming.bs2
' Higher performance IR object detection assisted navigation
' {$STAMP BS2}
' {$PBASIC 2.5}

 DEBUG "Program Running!"

 irDetectLeft  VAR Bit     ' Variable Declarations
 irDetectRight VAR Bit
 pulseLeft     VAR Word
 pulseRight    VAR Word

 FREQOUT 4, 2000, 3000     ' Signal program start/reset.

 DO                        ' Main Routine

   FREQOUT 8, 1, 38500     ' Check IR Detectors
   irDetectLeft = IN9

   FREQOUT 2, 1, 38500
   irDetectRight = IN0
                           ' Decide how to navigate.

   IF (irDetectLeft = 0) AND (irDetectRight = 0) THEN
     pulseLeft = 650
     pulseRight = 850
   ELSEIF (irDetectLeft = 0) THEN
     pulseLeft = 850
     pulseRight = 850
   ELSEIF (irDetectRight = 0) THEN
     pulseLeft = 650
     pulseRight = 650
     pulseLeft = 850
     pulseRight = 650

   PULSOUT 13,pulseLeft     ' Apply the pulse.
   PULSOUT 12,pulseRight
   PAUSE 15
 LOOP ' Repeat main routine

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