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Project: LoveBots


Author(s): Andrey Hinkov, Ekin Guvencoglu
Country(s): Bulgaria/Turkey
Date: 11.07.2008
Activity: Robolution 2008, Bratislava

The LoveBots
Andrey (left) and Ekin (right) with the LoveBots


Project Description: The LoveBots are two mobile robots - a "boy" and a "girl". They are in love and follow each other wherever they go.

Hardware Design: The project is based on two Boe-Bot educational platforms. One of the robots is equipped with 2 infrared emitting LEDs, and the other - with two infrared sensors.

Software Design: The LoveBots are programmed via the BASIC programming language. Unfortunately the original source code was lost, but the idea behind the project is simple:

1. The first robot sends a 38.5kHz signal to both of its infrared LEDs, and in the same time performs a random movement around the room. 2. The second robot looks out for the infrared signal sent from the first robot - it can be detected by the left, the right, or by both of its sensors. Then, based on a few IF-THEN statements, the robot decides how to move in order to "catch" the first robot.