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Basic DSP techniques with the AVR processors

Course Abstract



We start with an introduction in digital signal processing in general. What is it used for, what is necessary and how can it be done.\\ We learn also what is aliasing, sampling, discrete time, time-domain and frequency-domain.\\ Later we introduce you the MiniMEXLE-Board and its features.\\ After that, we start with some audio examples with your MiniMEXLE together with your PC-Soundcard or frequency-generator. Then we are prepared to start with filters. After an introduction we can first siumlate them in MATLAB or SystemView respectively. This will then motivate us to implement those filters in C-Code together with AVR-Studio (and GNU-Compiler) on the MiniMEXLE.


Following previous knowledge and experiences are assumed:

  • AVR programming in C language,
  • AVR Studio,
  • Basic understanding of the A/D and D/A conversion process,



  • AVR studio + avr-gcc, VERSION?
  • Audiotester or simillar software for function generator and oscilloscope on the PC sound card
  • Matlab + Simulink (Octave) or SystemView used in HHN


  • PC with Sound Card and software installed,
  • MiniMexle Boards,
  • cables, power supplies,
  • 1 oscilloscope, 1 signal generator,

= Organisation

Group Size: limited to max. 10 people working in groups of 2

ToDo: hotel reservations from 8/9.7 up to 10/11.7 (3 nights), + food for 2 people

Pretest examples needed