Robotnačka v Metaposte

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Aby sme mohli kresliť pekné obrázky Robotnačky, použijeme Metapost.

Tu je príklad. A tento obrázok je výsledok.
Robotnačka v Metaposte
% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 
% This is a simple example how to draw fine pictures of the 
% Robotnacka robot for the kinematics modelling.
% (c) Richard Balogh, january 2007
% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 
% Uncomment this for use as a standalone picture, 
% commented for use in LaTeX.


% Declarations and definitions
  u := 48;

  picture Robotnacka;  pair P; 

% Body of the robot

  fill fullcircle scaled 210 withcolor (1,1,0);
  draw fullcircle scaled 210 withcolor red;

% Wheels

  pickup pencircle scaled 5;
  draw (-25,90)--(25,90);
  draw (-25,-90)--(25,-90);
  pickup pencircle scaled 1;  % Restore original fine point

% Castor wheel
  fill fullcircle scaled 30 shifted (-77,0) withcolor .3white;

% Help lines

  draw (0,90)--(0,-90);
  drawarrow (0,0)--(50,0) withcolor blue;

% Center of the robot:
  draw fullcircle scaled cu withcolor red;
  path quarterdisk; quarterdisk := quartercircle--origin--cycle;
  fill quarterdisk scaled cu withcolor red;
  fill quarterdisk scaled cu rotated 180 withcolor red;
  draw (cu,0)--(-cu,0);
  draw (0,cu)--(0,-cu);

% Start to draw moving robot:

  Robotnacka = currentpicture;

  Theta=45;       % Orientation of the robot
  P := (5u,7u);   % Final point of the robot

  addto currentpicture also Robotnacka rotated Theta shifted P;

% Trajectory:   :-)

  pickup pencircle scaled 2;
  drawarrow origin..controls (0,3u) and (2u,0) ..(2u,2u)..{dir45}P withcolor green;