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  • 22.01.07 Sewn glove with improvements.
  • 22.01.03 Sewn glove first version.
  • [Christmas Break]
  • 21.12.17 Code and control via bending sensors.
  • 21.12.10 Code and control via potentiometres.
  • 21.12.03 Order necessary materials. Explore NICO’s code.
  • 21.11.26 Redesign of the project using NICO (Neuro-Inspired COmpanion Robot).
  • 21.11.20-21 Research of robotic and prosthetic hand 3D models, biomimetism, animatronics, human augmentation.
  • 21.11.19 Kick-off meeting & FabLab visit.
  • 21.11.10-17 Project Proposal

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  • Glove controller
  • Robotic hand




Source Code



Fase 0. Nico’s robot hands movement (21.12.03)

Fase 1. Potentiometers controller, v1 prototype (21.12.10)

  • Controlling Nico hand with Arduino wooden console

Fase 2. Minimal glove, v2 prototype (21.12.17)

  • Minimal glove

Fase 3.0 Wearable (sewn) glove, v3 prototype (22.01.04)


  • Fase 3.1 + Wireless component, v3.1
  • Fase 3.2 + Unified box design, v3.2

Milestone: control of Nico’s hand via a wireless wearable glove

Fase 4. Gyroscope armbands, v1 prototype

Milestone: control of Nico’s arm


Basic wireless glove controllers and low-cost robotic hands

More advanced prosthetic-like robotic hands

Biomimetic Anthropomorphic
Exo hand

Other ideas

Extra fingers:

Exo hand:

Robotic arms:


  • OpenAI - Learning Dexterity, robot hand reinforcement learning to manipulate physical objects.

Wearable ASL gloves:

Animatronic Eyes:

Humanoid Robots:

Self-made Behance list with several glove and medical technology designs