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The source code: maybe...
The source code: maybe...

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Author(s): Tom Slejko, Sam Weckx, Verica Manevska
Country: Slovenia, Belgium, Macedonia
Date: 13.08.2009
Activity: Centrobot Robotic Summer School 2009
Location: Vienna, Austria
Hardware: LEGO Mindstorms NXT


LEGO robot is not only made as a kid´s toy, it takes place in usage of more complex constructions.

It has ability to detect black lines on a white papers, so our general idea was to implement Crossed Lines Maze Negotiator with intention to make SMART CAR!

And luckily, it was successful. Now, our robot detects crossroads using its 3 sensors.

With hard work and dedication, our group has created appropriate code in Java Language Programme (working place Eclipse) which our robot uses as a human brain :)!

== Diary ==

1st Day: making the desirous design of the LEGO robot and forming the general idea

2nd Day: starting doing source code in JAVA programme language

3th Day: experiments,testing

4th Day: resolving generated problems if any

5th Day: presentation LEGO SHOW :)

Project Files


The source code: maybe...

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