Yugoslavian Crossed Lines Maze Negotiator

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Author(s): Tom Slejko, Sam Weckx, Verica Manevska
Country: Slovenia, Belgium, Macedonia
Date: 13.08.2009
Activity: Centrobot Robotic Summer School 2009
Location: Vienna, Austria
Hardware: LEGO Mindstorms NXT


LEGO robot is not only made as a kid´s toy, it takes place in usage of more complex construcions.

It has ability to detect black lines on a white papers, so our general idea was to implement Crossed Lines Maze Negotiator.

And luckily, it was succesful. Now, our robot detects crossroads using its 3 sensors.

With hard work and dedication, our group has created appropriate code in Java Language Programme (working place Eclipse) which our robot uses as a human brain :)!


Project Files

The source code: maybe...

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