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<multilang> @en Robotics is studied by various communities. In general, the field studies how to build useful robot systems that can be applied in practical situations - industrial deployment, rescue, scientific, and military missions, entertainment robotics, service robotics, art robotics. These systems vary in complexity from simple fixed pre-programmed manipulators operating in known, deterministic and static environments to complex autonomous systems performing in dynamic, non-determinstic, and unknown environments.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Robotics studies the methods, approaches, architectures, and properties of robotics systems that display certain degree of intelligence - i.e. systems, that are capable of deciding their own actions during their operation in the environment so that the outcome of these actions benefits their performance and can be considered smart, or intelligent.

The field has collected a lot of research results, and before proceeding further, one has to get acquinted with what has been learned and done until now. We attempt to collect the relevant resources for AI robotics below.

A lot of material relevant to AI Robotics deals with animal intelligence and animal information processing, or animal behavior. Large amount of work in the field of AI Robotics is biologically-inspired. This leads to a huge field of Neuroscience, Ethology, Biology, Psychology, and in case of Human Intelligence, Philosophy. In our selection, we list some biologically-relevant resources as well.

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