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= Project: adMIRE =

== Overview ==

[[Image:Rescue_robot_model.jpg|thumb|adMIRE|200px|right|Design of the hover]]

'''Author(s): ''' Adrian-Valentin MARINESCU/Mirela MOGA  <BR>
'''Country(s): ''' Romania/Romania              <BR>
'''Date: ''' 11.07.2010                        <BR>
'''Activity: ''' R.U.R. - Summer School 2010   <BR>

== Abstract ==
Welcome to adMIRE!
It can run and sing at the same time. When a black path crosses his way, he stops, then turns around and continues his journey. If he reaches the edge  of a clif, don't worry, he won't fall, he find the proper way to go :). 
'''Hardware Design''': Our robot consists of a basic Boe-Bot to which we have attached a light senzor and a piezoelectric speaker.

'''Software Design''': There is a main loop on which the robot analises its current state and decides whether to stop, turn around or to move forward. We also have auxilliar functions for creating the sounds.

== Project Files ==

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| '''Description''' ||	'''Download''' 
| Project documentation 	|| [[Media:MyDocumentation.pdf]]
| Project sourcecode 	        || [[]]

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