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Can anyone recommend some good books on analog circuit design for audio, precision/low noise op.amp., emc, active filters and similar?

The Art of Electronics by Horowitz and Hill. It's the masterpiece of circuit design. Broad but shallow. Start with it.

  • Art of Electronics by Horowitz and Hill.
  • Analog Circuit Design by Jim Williams
  • Art of Linear Electronics by John Linsley Hood
  • Troubleshooting Analog Circuits by Bob Pease

Not necessarily books, but here are some web-based sources of great info:

  • Keithley Instruments publish a booklet of how to measure very small signals (fA,pA,pV,nV) and of very low and very high resistances (uOhm, TOhm). You can not buy the booklets only send a request for a free copy. The booklets try to show how measurements can be achieve with there devices which is fair enough for a free guide. Nevertheless, they give nice general background on many kinds of error sources and tips and tricks how to avoid them. Including general design and some PCB design recommendations. The booklets are not acadaemic... just a nice overview of different techniques to tackle different problems.

OpAmp Handbooks: