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Date: 3. 10. 2008

Where: FEI STU, Ilkovičova 3, Bratislava, Slovakia

When: 3. 10. 2008, 12:00 - 16:00

How to get there: see this guide (although the our office location is different, this is guide for the BEST organization office, the building is OK).


  1. Current project state in general (Roland, Karim) - not confirmed
  2. AP2 Overview (Alexander)
  3. Robots Sbot 1 a Sbot 2 concept, pros and cons (Balogh) - presentation Media:Sbot2EN.pdf
  4. Hands on Sbot2 - programming and examples (David Gustafik)
  5. Robotnacka - concept, construction (Balogh) - presentation Media:RobotnackaEN.pdf
  6. Hands on Robotnacka working with the robot
  7. Discussion (at least 5 pros and cons for each solution presented), next steps for AP2


Also we can show and present:

  1. Lego Robots,
  2. BoeBot robot,
  3. NXT Logo,
  4. controlling RoboSapien using USB/lego
  5. Robocup Junior and First Lego League activities
  6. An overview: educational psychology, Bloom taxonomy of learning... (Petrovic)

Those topics will be presented VERY briefly and in case of interest we can prepare another workshop.


  • Richard Balogh, Robotika.SK, STU
  • Pavel Petrovic, Robotika.SK, FMFI UK
  • David Gustafík, FEI STU
  • Alexander Hoffmann, Martin Zwinz, FH Technikum Wien
  • Adrian Dabrowski, Walter Hammerl HTL Spengergasse Wien
  • Roland Stelzer, Karim Jafarmadar ? not confirmed yet

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Project supported from the
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Project supported by the Slovak
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