Crawling robot 2/1

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Project: Crawling robot 2/1


Crawling robot 2/1

Author(s): Lukasz Toppa
Country(s): Poland
Date: 11.07.2008
Activity: Robolution 2008
Hardware: Boe-Bot and Crawler kit


Hardware Design: Our robot consists of a basic Boe-Bot to which we have attached a set of 2 IR sensors: 1-left, 1-right Crawler Kit

It is minimized model of robot that is designed to help drunken people to crawl out of the pubs. His name contains 2/1 what means that I finished to program it within 1 hour after two hours long night, so forgive me all my imperfections. Unfortunately, crawler kits are so imperfect that they make model straggling to move. The whole designer team hopes that a real robot will better full fill its aim. IR detectors work with frequency 38.5 kHz which is the most efficient, and its helps “Crawling robot 2/1” to omit unfriendly street lamps and muscular guys. The crawler kit makes each side walk straight and smooth.

Project Files

Description Download
Project program Media:Crawler.bs2
Robot video Crawler (avi, 14mb)

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