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Project: Crawlino



Crawlino follows the black line of a maze and in order to get out, always goes to the right.


The plot of the map

Author(s): Anamaria LUPU, Adrian DABROWSKI
Country(s): Romania, Austria
Date: 9.07.2010
Activity: R.U.R. - Best Summer Course 2010


Hardware Design: The robot is made by a LEGO Mindstorms brick, where we used 2 light sensors for following the black line.
Software Design: Lego Mindstorm NXT offers software support for program implementation. The main loop reads the sensors. We use the first sensor to follow the straight line, and when the robot finds an intersection, the second light sensor is used in order to steer. So we implemented the program by using the Pilot Class (for robot control) and Navigator Class (for plotting the path). When the main sensor is active (it detects the black line), the program is drawing the path that the robot choses.

Project Files

Description Download
Project documentation
Project sourcecode Media:CrawlinoSource.txt

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