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The Goooooo robot

Author(s): Iryna, Serdar, Jose Ignacio
Country: Ukraine, Turkey, Spain
Date: 09.07.2010
Activity: [Rusty Ugly Robots]
Location: Bratislava, SVK
Hardware: LEGO NXT, ultrasonic sensor, sound sensor, light sensor, touch sensors (2)

Gooo2.jpg LINE.ALGORYTHM.bmp


This model has all kind of sensors and can be easily modified for new options. BUT!!! be carefull! it's crazy! and can turn round only being touched. It moves forward only with the voice signal. Also it stops when it's edge near or some obstacle in front of it))) good one! (LEGO rules)

Our robot has also another programme - linefollowing) it's like an artificial intellect! our robot can not follow the line, but it can make it's own decision what to do) the BEST!

Project Files

Description Download
Video: gooo1.avi
Video: gooo2.avi
Source code in NXT-G Media:gooo.rbt
Source code in NXT-G linefollower.rbt
Line Follower Algorythm Media:LINE.ALGORYTHM.bmp

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