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Basic rules

You are welcome to contribute with new pages.

You can also edit existing pages: make corrections, add more information. Be prepared that your changes will be reviewed and possibly edited by the contributor who started that page.

Each contributor is responsible for managing the content added by other contributors to the pages he or she has created, and for the overall purpose and focus of the page.

If a contributor does not want to maintain some page anymore, he or she has to transfer this responsibility to the another contributor, or to the admin, who will then try to find another contributor who can take care of that page. Each contributor should therefore watch all his or her pages.

Slovak/English Subpages:

Our Wiki contains both versions for some of its pages. The language-specific pages are written as subpages, with the language extension, for example, the page RoboWiki has both an English subpage RoboWiki/en and a Slovak subpage RoboWiki/sk. However, the base page contains only a generic control code, that should be placed on all base pages, which have language-specific subpages:


<!-- Please do not edit this page, edit the language-specific subpages
     Prosim editujte podstranku pre prislusnu jazykovu verziu -->


In addition, both language-specific subpages should contain at the end the following code:


--- --- --- English: Guide to contributors/en/en Slovensky: Guide to contributors/en/sk --- --- ---
--- --- --- --- --- RoboWiki: (c) 2006 --- --- --- --- ---