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Welcome to Wiki of

Here you can find more information about robots, parts, solutions, ideas, concepts, some topics on the usa of the laboratory, maintenance of your robots, stories from robot builders and users, technical issues, problems, software solutions, example uses, and more.

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Visegrad Robotic Workshop 2013
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AI Robotics

Since our activities are a marriage of engineering and Artificial Intelligence Robotics, we attempt to provide resources from both Worlds:

AI Robotics : Collection of available printed, software, and online resources related to Artificial Intelligence Robotics.


Robotic Summer School 2009
Robotic Summer School 2008 - Robolution
Information and links about LEGO Mindstorms and NXT
FIRST LEGO League in Slovakia
RoboCup Junior Slovakia 2009
Random links
Flying Robots
Getting a clone of APDS-9960 to work


Design of table for virtuallab (Slovak only)
Robotnačka - drawing robot
Cerebot & LEGO Mindstorms - how to build a robot controlled with Cerebot from Digilent.
About servo motors (in Slovak).
Robotická rikša (Author: Marian Kľúčik, Slovak only).
Evolving shapes : Notes from Diploma project on morphology design using distributed evolutionary computation.
Some comments from building Minimexle kit. See also
Evolve with Imagine - Evolutionary Computation package for Imagine Logo
Logo for NXT
Pablo's RoboTour Team
List of Master and Bachelor Thesis Related to Robotics Laboratory
Experiments with BTBee (more coming later)

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