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Imagine Logo is a powerful general-purpose educational programming language and environment for teaching and learning programming. Imagine is an interpreted language with built-in graphics, animations, parallelisms, object-orientation, networking and multimedia support, and much much more. It can interact with LEGO Mindstorms NXT robot with the help of Logo for NXT. Imagine Logo has been developed for English company Logotron by a team from Department of Informatics Education at Comenius University, and several different language version have been produced. Here are the details for different language versions that we have obtained from Imagine authors recently (status per November 4th 2007):

  • English version is distributed by the company Logotron.
  • Hungarian version (build 388): for educational purposes, the schools in Hungary and schools with Hungarian as the studying language and for all teachers at these schools, the company Sulinet distributes Imagine free of charge. Unfortunately, individual license cannot be obtained yet.
  • A recent Slovak version (build 399) is part of a textbook "Tvoriva informatika, 1.zosit z programovania, druhe vydanie", ISBN 978-80-10-01223-7 It is available from SPN. Students at universities have access to an academic version (Build 420).
  • Czech version (build 380) is available from CPress
  • Polish version (build 374, soon to be updated) available from OEIIZK.
  • Lithuanian version is available for schools.
  • Brazilian version
  • Bulgarian version is in preparation. It is available from Virtech.