Implemented bluetooth protocols and visual system for robot control

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Project: Image processing for mobile robots


Design of the hover

Author(s): Aleksandr Pniok
Antonio Gonzales
Country(s): Poland
Date: 9 of July 2010
Activity: R.U.R. - Summer School 2010


Hardware Design: The robot our team designed and constructed consists of a metallic structure from "Tetrix", 2 DC motors, 2 standart wheels, 2 omni-directional wheels, LEGO "brick", ultra-sonic distance sensor (LEGO), and a stereo camera "Surveyor" with resolution 1.3 megapixel. The DC motors and the visual system use one energy source, 12 volt 3000 mah, and the LEGO "brick" uses 6 AA batteries for power source.

Software Design: At first the robot's software was designed to run a move and follow the line program. After the implementation of the camera we made the desicion to change that program, and using another LEGO "brick" as a joystick through bluetooth, control the robot manually getting feedback from the camera by wi-fi connection.

Project Files

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