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  • General-purpose educational Lisp-like functional language
  • Introduces new level of LEGO Robots programming: children can create interactive educational LOGO projects that control LEGO robots with easy button/turtle controls, and flexible visualization of data collected by robots - programmable by children Logo programmers!
  • Implemented in Imagine Logo and Next Byte Codes (NBC)
  • Three levels of use:
  1. Interactive Imagine Logo project with direct GUI controls that allow steering NXT robots over Bluetooth radio
  2. Loadable imagine library (nxt.imt) that contains set of procedures for direct control of NXT robot over Bluetooth from your Imagine projects
  3. Interpreter of Logo running on the NXT that can run logo programs (with restricted syntax), which can communicate with Imagine projects and control the robots motors and sensors.
  4. Finally :-), you can use NXT Logo completely without Imagine Logo, it is self-contained.
  • NXT Logo is available free of charge, and it is open-source project
  • First preview version (without memory garbage collection) available for download on 2nd October 2007
  • Important note: NXT Logo is currently interpreted by a program implemented in an interpreted language NBC. Therefore, it is not suitable where fast performance is important (for example robotics competitions). We are working on a faster version implemented in firmware to be released in 2008.


NXT Logo currently communicates well with PCs running Windows or Linux platforms and it strongly benefits from interaction with Imagine Logo, which is recommended, but not required. It communicates with NXT robots only using the Bluetooth radio link, therefore the BlueTooth USB dongle (or another BlueTooth device on your PC) is strongly recommended. We are working on a solution that will allow for the whole classroom to work with only one BlueTooth USB dongle (coming soon) as long as the computers are connected through a TCP/IP network.

NXT Logo is a complete program, i.e. programs written in Logo run on the NXT brick without a PC too, as long as you can copy the text files to NXT Flash memory, it will start them from there. This makes it possible to use NXT Logo also for the Mac and Linux users and for Windows users without BlueTooth radio device.

Linux users: NXT Logo integrates well with Linux environment and Linux version of UCBLogo using the remote1 command-line utitlity. See the misc/remote/readme.txt file for details.