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Richard Balogh ( is a teacher at Slovak Technical University, he is a driving force behind popular robotics activities (Robotika.SK), mainly the annual ISTROBOT contest with international participation and more than 50 robots participating. Richard has a long teaching experience at his department, which is providing engineering courses at masters level in robotics, cybernetics and measurement technologies. He is also responsible for the joint robotics laboratory shared with our department. Richard is mainly interested in exchange of teaching experience, common seminars and meetings, teachers and students mobility, and perhaps common projects. For instance Robotika.SK organizes usually in September one or two weeks robotics summer school, where we would be happy to welcome your students.

Andrej Lucny ( is a unique person who combines academic and business interests. He is teaching multi-agent systems at our department for more then 10 years, and implements and manages multi-agent systems in a company which provides monitoring and measuring systems for meteorology, but also other fields. He has recently completed his doctoral thesis in the very same area, where he developed a particular multi-agent architecture. The company (Microstep-MIS), where Andy is working is also involved in the joint robotics laboratory and enhances our group with having the option to finalize ideas into real products, as was done for instance with a drawing robot Robotnacka (

Pavel Petrovic ( has recently completed doctoral studies in evolutionary robotics, and is interested in applying EC to automatic design of robot controllers, evolutionary design, educational robotics, robotics contests (also has some previous experience with contests), and real-world applications.

Peter Hubinský

Pavol Boško

Jozef Omelka