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Project: Sonar Oriented Robot

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Robot with sonar

Author(s): František Horínek
Country(s): Slovakia
Date: 11.07.2008
Activity: Robolution 2008
Hardware: Boe-Bot and Dewantech US03 sensor


Robot divide world to 10x10 matrix (small I know but the processor can't handle more). He starts in the middle of "the world" (5x5) and then he is trying to reach left corner of "the world" (0x0). Robot is using sonar to detect obstacle but algorithm to avoid or remember obstacle position is not yet complete (Basic language is nightmare). When robot see (hear?) obstacle in his way, he look left and right to find clear path and try to choose alternative way to reach his goal (0x0).

Project Files

Description Download
Robot video Sonarbot (.avi, 34 MB)
Project sourcecode Media:Sonarbot.BS2

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