Spike Prime - Finding Odd Object

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Let's begin




model of scales


Spike odd 1 scales.jpg Spike odd 2 scales 2.jpg Spike odd 3 nine wheels.jpg Spike odd 4 weighing 4 normal.jpg Spike odd 5 weighing 4 normal other.jpg Spike odd 6 heavier and normal wheel.jpg Spike odd 7 cable placement.jpg Spike odd 8 weighing 4 with heavier.jpg

Building instructions:

Download building instructions:

Download stud.io model:



  • large motor - F
  • light sensor - D


Weighing test:


Full program:


Algorithm instructions for 9 objects with one of them heavier:




Measure, analyze, think

  • Make your own recording
  • Perform experiments with your model and discuss in your group what has happened.

Explore and modify

  • Test the model with 9 objects and one of them heavier
  • Try to modify the instructions in algorithm (change the algorithm list variable) so that the system will work with 9 objects and one of them lighter
  • Now try to invent instructions for a task with 9 objects and one odd object, where we do not know if it is havier or lighter, test it
  • Can you invent some other similar task and design instructions for solving it?


Additional resources