Spike Prime - Fractions with Gears

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Let's begin




version 1 - basic version 2 - rotated gearframe of v1 version 3 - even more slow


fractions with gears - version 1 - basic fractions with gears - version 1 - basic fractions with gears - version 3 - even more slow

Building instructions:

Download building instructions:

Download stud.io model:



  • motor - B
  • light sensor - A





Measure, analyze, think

  • Make your own recording
  • Perform experiments with your model and discuss in your group what has happened.

Explore and modify

  • Pick one of the three versions, build it
  • Make your own drawing of the gear systems (i.e. on paper)
  • Write down the numbers of teeth on each pair of the gear wheels
  • Figure out the ratio of each pair of gear wheels
  • Make or calculate your guess about the final ratio of gear wheels
  • Perform measurement with the model and program and compare
  • Try to invent some other combinations of gears, repeat the whole procedure with them (this can be an alternative project for an advanced group instead of the above)
  • Could you list all the possible combinations using these 8 gear wheels that could be built?


  • Think about a manual transmission in cars, how does it work? And how does automatic transmission work?
  • What do fractions have to do with the car transmission?
  • Is it only the speed of rotation that is being changed in the gear box? What else?

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