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Questionnaire from the Brest Robotics Week 2013:

Conference presentations:

Photos from Brest are here:

Valery's photos from Roborace:

NEW: Juraj's photos from the week:

Links from Belarusian media:

NEW: TV about conference:

Main channel ONT:

Visegrad participants in Belarusian TV (last video in article):

And video with Igor on Brest Television:

For those students who want to further improve their russian language knowledge, we reccommend

Conference programme:


Prague group: we'll arrive on Monday 18:43 by train


Today we decided on housing. Sorry, but Hilton is busy :)

As I spoke earlier, it will be university hostel. I reserved 3 single room for David, Grzegorz, Richard, 1 single room for Anezka and 3 four room for every team.

Prices will be approximately 20 dollars per person per night with included breakfast and lunch in hostel cafe. You arrive in Monday, and leave in Saturday or Sunday (You decide). We will organize suppers in city.


7.11 (holiday) and 9.11 (saturday) our university cafe not work And I organize lunch in cafe (7.11, 9.11) near university.

Accomodation will be approximately: 3 night * 15 people * 20 USD + 2 night * 15 people * 8 USD = 1140 USD

I made some preorders for a dinner. Approximate cost in Brest - 10 - 20 euros (including beer) on the person.


Let's change money in Brest.

In Belarus you can exchange without problem USD, EUR, PLN (but only paper money :), not coins )