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The books are ordered based on the year of publishing in each section.

I-TECH Online Books

MIT Press - Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous Agents series

This is the most relevant series of AI-Robotics related textbooks from MIT Press:

MIT Press - Bradford Books series

MIT Press - AAAI Press Copublications series

MIT Press - Artificial Intelligence series

MIR Press - Leonardo Books

MIT Press - Other

Oxford University Press


Conference Proceedings

Robotics, Science and Systems

I(2005) II(2007)

Simulation of Adaptive Behavior conferences (SAB): From Animals to Animats

I(1991) II(1993) III(1994) IV(1996) V(1998) VI(2000) VII(2002) VIII(2004) IX(2006)

Artificial Life

IV(1994) V(1997) VI(1998) VII(2000) VIII(2003) IX(2004) X(2006)

International Symposium of Robotic Research

I(1984) II(1985) III(1986) IV(1988) v(1989)

International Symposium of Experimental Robotics

International Conference on Field and Service Robotics

International Workshop on Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics

International Symposium on Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems

IV (2000) V(2002) VII(2004) VI(2006)


  1. Journal of Adaptive Behavior, SAGE Publications
  2. Journal of Intelligent Robotic Systems, Springer
  3. Journal of Machine Learning Research, MIT Press
  4. Machine Learning, Springer
  5. International Journal of Social Robotics, Springer