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International Educational Platform for Informatics based on Embedded Systems

(MEXLE = Microcontrollers in EXperiment and LEarning -

The MEXLE project provides solutions for education and learning of academic, theoretical and practical informatics. The available tools include hardware, software, documentation and tutorials dealing with microcontroller hardware and programming in ANSI C-Code. Basic ideas behind MEXLE are:

  1. Learning by doing“ instead of "chalk-informatics"
  2. Benefit of the students' “play instinct” for learning
  3. Low cost - affordable even for students
  4. Shared platform. International cooperation with European partners
  5. Multi functional usability within different study courses
  6. Extendable product family including a lot of peripheral devices

This introduction presentation will give you an easy access to the MEXLE system and philosophy. It will help to start with own projects afterwards. By the integration into an international project it will help academic teachers and students to develop cross-border cooperation in Europe.

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