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Technical parameters
Diameter: 210 mm
Height: 70 mm
Weight: 1,8kg, z toho batéria 0,6kg
Wheel distance: 180 mm
Atmel AT89S8252,

11,059 MHz, 8 kB FLASH, 2 kB EEPROM, 256 B RAM

2 x Microcon

SX 17-0402-09; 1 x solenoid na ovládanie pera.

Sensors: 6 x CNY 70
Power: SLA 6V / 3,2 Ah

Robotnacka is an autonomous mobile robot that can draw. It is primarily designed for drawing with programming language Imagine Logo. It can be used as a tool when teaching children programming. Robot was developed by a group of enthusiasts under a project financed by a company MicroStep-MIS in the years 2001 (first model) to 2005 (current version). Today, it is a finished product, ready for experimental use in selected schools. Robotnacka is built on top of a circular base of hard plastic with diameter 210mm. Two stepper motors Microcon SX 17 with plastic wheels attached on the sides are mounted on the base, and a castor wheel is mounted in the rear part for the stability. The control electronics is mounted on the base including the built-in recharger and lead maintenance-free accummulator.

The robot does not perform an autonomous activity unless it is given a command by a user from a supervising computer. Robot is connected using a virtual serial port with radio Bluetooth (BT) connection, and the software built in the robot receives and executes the navigational commands (forward, backwards, stop, etc.).





  • robotman.exe - simple dialog Win32 application for controlling Robotnacka (to verify functionality)
  • robotdll.dll - DLL library needed by the programs written in C/C++ that use the component robot
  • terminal.exe
  • Robotnacka SDK - software development kit - the package for programming the robot in Imagine, C/C++ and Java

Exercise sheets

Robot components




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